Liam Matteson

Visual Service

Helping create innovative HVAC monitoring & analysis platforms

Timeline — 1 year

My Role — UX + UI design, prototyping, interaction design

Category — Social, Gaming

Tools — Sketch


The maintenance and repair of residential and commercial HVAC systems requires a great number of highly technical skills and breadth of knowledge obtained by years of experience in the field. The challenge was to design for both a mobile and desktop environment for use by both new and seasoned HVAC contractors. These systems would allow for video-enabled and instrument-based monitoring and analysis of cooling and heating systems in a variety of settings.

Designing for field service providers

The Visual Service mobile app was created to provide a full-featured and focused experience for HVAC technicians in the field and on the job. These technicians connect instruments to collect measurement data from a variety of sources to help them maintain and repair residential and commercial HVAC systems. The mobile app experience brings together customer and system data to present important and relevant information to the technician.

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Designing for service triage experts

For the Visual Service desktop app, it was important to design an experience that streamlined access to a complex system of data and information aimed at expert-level HVAC service managers. These managers need to connect in real-time with all levels of HVAC technicians in order to provide on-the-job guidance and solutions for a wide variety of HVAC maintenance and repair situations.

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Designing for their customers

Field technicians needed a simple yet effective way to communicate their results to their customers. This interactive document enables them to compare their initial readings to the final result, including visual cues to let the customer know what their new measurements are and how they differ from the originals.

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