Liam Matteson

👋 Hey there! I'm Liam

👾 I’m a Product Designer, Gamer, and Matcha sipper, currently living in Minneapolis, MN. I was born in Madison, WI and from a young age have had a competitive drive to be the best at whatever it is that makes me happy. In my free time, you’ll catch me playing with my grandfathers backgammon set, gaming on Apex Legends, and designing app/website concepts.

Right now, I’m designing product experiences and building design systems, at Halftone Digital. My goal is to continue to strengthen designer-developer relationships, and continue learning how I can make developers' lives easier. I hope to harness the power of design and development to bring decentralized communities together.

My Process

My process is flexible and relies on the complexity of the project and problem at hand. Generally speaking, the digram represented below showcases my process.

My life in design

Many people have a story of how they found design. Each persons story is unique to them and interesting its own way. Here’s my story so far.


Helping out with FoF Design Systems community content

Flew to San Fransisco, CA in February for Figma's first ever event, Config 2020

Helped launch a new website for my agency @

Currently working on learning SwiftUI and Blender, while brushing up on my UI skills through ShiftNudge


Graduated in December of 2018 with a Bachelor of Design in Architecture

Started practicing System Design using the Atomic Design methodology

Hired on full-time at Halftone Digital in February of 2019

Developed my first site using Webflow


In my last semester of school I found a new interest for User Experience and Interface Design. An easy pivot from Architecture

Found a summer internship at a local AR startup called Praxik

During internship I designed a childrens app for the Science Museum of Minnesota called Dino Finder

Began learning HTML and CSS

Hired in fall of 2018 for a UX/UI internship at Halftone Digital


Moved to Minneapolis, MN where I began to study Architecture


Started college at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Started studying for a degree in business but then said “hell nah”

During my free time in the dorms I designed photo manipulations and logos for friends


Green Bay Packers win Super Bowl XLV

Got my first computer that was all MINE

Started designing graphics for people in the gaming community

Created first PSD + C4D template for a handful of gamers


Freshman Year of High school


The year of COD: Modern Warfare 2


Got my first videogame system (GameBoy Advanced)


Club Penguin was released and I had multiple in-game igloo parties


Millsberry was launched and I built a giant virtual mansion with friends


Born in Madison, WI at 9:48 PM *same time as father* (9:48 club)

⚡ IM ALIVE!!!!!!!